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Asian Ruby 4 (FormerlyThuan Thien Hotel)

Address: 277 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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    Whether there was a problem misunderstanding my english or incompetence I'm not sure. I asked whether I could get my laundry done and back again in the same day because I was leaving the next day and I was told yes. The laundry never showed up and I had to catch an early morning flight so I phoned down to the front desk at 5:45am and asked where my laundry was because I needed to pack it and be on my way. I was told that someone would find it so I hung up and finished the rest of my packing.

    I never heard anything in 15 minutes so I went down stairs and found everyone sleeping and I'm guessing that no one had done anything because nobody was interested in what I had to say. I finally spoke loud enough for the night manager to get up and make a phone call to where my laundry was suppose to be and they assured me that it would be at the hotel soon. I went back upstairs and waited until 6:20am and then decided that I'd better get downstairs and wait there for it so I could just leave when it arrived. Finally at 6:35 my laundry showed up and after I explained that I had already prepaid my account and that I only owed for incidentals the same individual finally found my paperwork and I settled up and was on my way to the airport by 6:45 trying to catch an 8:50 plane. I figured I should still have enough time to get there, check in and get a good seat.
    Everything would have been great but I arrived and the computers were down and I was at the back of the line so we all just waited for the better part of 30 minutes. Finally we started to move and I thought okay, everything is going to end up being all right, especially after such a hectic start to my day. The only thing is, the night manager forgot to give me back my passport and I wasn't use to someone taking it from me so I forgot to ask in the confusion about my laundry.

    So now I am at the airport and there's no time left to have them bring it me because I never realized until too late that I never had it. In the end I was out of pocket for this flight and my connecting flight as well and had to rebook and repay, only at a higher rate this time. I went back to the hotel and explained my situation but by this time the night manager was gone and the hotel was not willing to do anything about the situation except let me have another room for the night. They would make the employee pay for the room and the airplane ticket. Now forgive me but, "How is a guy who probably makes $50 USD a month going to pay 5 times that amount?" This is what I was thinking to myself so I wasn't feeling very optimistic about getting my money back and I wasn't in the mood to discuss it with the front desk girls because I was angry that the hotel wouldn't take ownership and back up their employee, even a little bit. In defence of the rest of the staff, the girls at the front desk do a great job and that is the only reason that I gave a better rating then "one". The rooms themselves are noisy because the doors are old and thin so you hear a lot of commotion from the hallways and elevator. There is no shower except a shower head at the end of a hose that didn't work very well. If you take everything into consideration, I don't think it's good value for your money. By the way, I didn't make the night manager pay even though in my opinion, I don't think he is good at his job.